Pete Westwood’s 24 hour Tennisathon

Pete is raising money for Brake by playing tennis non-stop for 24hrs on Saturday 16th July 7pm to Sunday 17th July 7pm. If anyone fancies joining him for an hour or sponsoring him (or better still – both!!!) that would be great!

This is to support a charity which is very close to Pete’s heart.  Twenty Eight years ago Pete’s Brother lost his life in a car accident along with two of his friends and all money raised will go to Brake, an amazing charity, more info below.

To sponsor Pete and read more about why he is doing this please go to

Brake, the road safety charity

Brake is a national road safety charity dedicated to preventing road death and injury and supporting those bereaved and injured in road accidents. They campaign for safer roads, provide free community training and run a helpline offering emotional and practical support to road crash victims.

If you need to change or remove your signup, please email with details.

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Sat 7pm-8 (01)#1: Peter W.
Sat 8pm-9 (02)#1: Sign up »
Sat 9pm-10 (03)#1: Michael B.
Sat 10pm-11 (04)#1: Sign up »
Sat 11pm-12 (05)#1: Sign up »
Sun 00-1am (06)#1: Sign up »
Sun 1am-2 (07)#1: Sign up »
Sun 2am-3 (08)#1: Sign up »
Sun 3am-4 (09)#1: Rory H.
Sun 4am-5 (10)#1: Sign up »
Sun 5am-6 (11)#1: Sign up »
Sun 6am-7 (12)#1: Sign up »
Sun 7am-8 (13)#1: Sign up »
Sun 8am-9 (14)#1: Sign up »
Sun 9am-10 (15)#1: Sign up »
Sun 10am-11 (16)#1: Steve j.
Sun 11am-12 (17)#1: Sign up »
Sun 12pm-1 (18)#1: Sign up »
Sun 1pm -2 (19)#1: Sign up »
Sun 2pm-3 (20)#1: Sign up »
Sun 3pm-4 (21)#1: Sign up »
Sun 4pm-5 (22)#1: Sign up »
Sun 5pm-6 (23)#1: Sign up »
Sun 6pm-7 (24)#1: Peter W.